Engineering Day

E-Day 2017 Details

AIChE will have multiple interactive activities for guests on E-Day 2017.

  1.  Volcano Competition: Many different variables affect the disastrous potential of a volcanic eruption. Some of these variables are height, shaft dimensions, amount of material, and slope. Ironically, these are some of the same variables that engineers encounter in their daily work practices. To emphasize the power of small parameter changes, we have designed the Volcano Contest competition. This is your chance to play Mother Nature and build your own volcano. If you would like to make a volcano for E-day, see contest information here! AIChE Volcano Contest Rules-FILLABLE
  2. Making Ice Cream: Come learn about the concept of freezing point depression while observing a homemade ice cream demonstration! You will be able to sample ice cream here as well.
  3. Polymerization Science: Learn about polymerization while making your own bouncy ball.
  4. Liquid Layers: Learn about densities of common household liquids while layering them in a test tube.